why Ketamine Is Considered Special
why Ketamine Is Considered Special

ketamine for depression

ketamine for depression. Nicole Bayman had battled depression unsuccessfully for nearly her whole life, trying dozens of antidepressants, attending therapy, and even receiving in-patient treatment in a hospital.  About six months ago, she learned from her therapist about ketamine, a prescription medication that’s approved for use in hospitals and other medical settings as an anesthetic and is now gaining widespread attention as a treatment for depression. Soon after she began receiving regular infusions of ketamine, Bayman says, the depression began to lift. 

“I feel like a different person,” says Bayman, an attorney who lives in Princeton, New Jersey. “It’s as if there were a veil over me and the veil was lifted. Before I started to receive ketamine, I could barely get out of bed. Now I can walk my walk and re-engage in life.” Order Ketamine Online

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Molly Shea undergoes a ketamine treatment for her chronic and debilitating depression. She enjoys bringing along her dog, Addie Fawn, during treatments which last about 2 hours.


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